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House Plan
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Areas of Practice

We have experience in the following operational areas:

  • Product engineering, including R&D through production

  • Systems of control, from configuration management through process control and quality management systems, and inventory control and fulfillment systems

  • Precision manufacturing, from micro-scale to medium-scale in size and volume

  • Various other areas of operation

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Mechanical Engineering

We have experience in the following market areas:

  • Clinical and in-vitro diagnostic instrumentation

  • Analytical chemistry instrumentation

  • High-speed droplet dispensing and printing

  • High-speed pneumatic and fluidic control

  • Precision fluid dispensing

  • Precision manufacturing

  • Electronic, electro-mechanical and electro-optical devices

  • Various other areas that are too numerous to list


We are prepared to do these evaluations anywhere. If you need a close look at an operation or process, we will make it happen.

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Mechanical Engineering
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