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Strategic Due Diligence

What is Strategic Due Diligence? We go in and examine in detail any aspect of a manufacturing or engineering operation and assess how it comports with the stated mission, objective, performance, or output values. We don’t do the financial, market, legal, or HR aspects-- we focus on the technical aspects of an examination, leaving your staff more time to focus on the other aspects of the survey.


S.R.Hanford Consulting (SRHC) was created to offer discriminating scrutiny to the business transaction world in the form of detailed review of engineering, operations, products, primary and advanced manufacturing, systems of control, IP, and any associated matters. With a long history of surveying and assessing supply chain and manufacturing companies, from raw materials, parts, and components, to complex chemical and electro-mechanical systems, SRHC offers a detailed review and summary of business entities either as candidates to be bought, sold, or evaluated for any reason. Does the reality match the claims? Let us take a look and give you our assessment.


We specialize in companies or divisions in the small to lower-mid-market size, typically with revenues from 1 to 100 million USD. As larger operations are frequently made up of many smaller operations, we of course can be of assistance to an evaluation of almost any size.

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